Why work with us

We are a young and motivated team.
We have several years of working experience with VR.
We have a big vision.
We are the most progressed VR company that has the sole focus in the industry.

Our work in the field

The delicate cabin environment calls for special attention and a customized solution.
That’s where we come in. We have spent and are spending quality time in testing
and researching the following aircraft specific area.

Nausea elimination

What’s the right amount of movement within the VR world? Where are the boundaries?
Interplay of sensor that measures the tilting of the plane and the right mirroring inside the VR world.

Seat-specific restrictions

How to best interact with objects given the narrow space around a passenger? Input devices, gesturing, etc.

VR streaming

How to best stream content (2D content for now) between the server of the aircraft and the VR device? Bi-directional streaming? Integration of passenger announcements?

VR use cases

Can we create a better safety video in VR (without scaring passengers)?


What is the right hardware setup for inflight-usage? What are the most important features that are relevant for the inflight-usage (battery life, comfort, weight, ability to use with glasses)?

Logistical aspects

How to get the headsets on board and how to handle the logistics around it (hygiene, turnaround time, cabin crew training)?

What do we need from you?

We need a partner who is enthusiastic about VR, sees the potential of VR and shares our vision of it being the future of IFE. Want to be a winner, not a follower?
Get in touch!

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