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Inflight VR is a Munich, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Lahore based company that is creating the virtual reality ecosystem for the aviation industry.

our mission

Bringing virtual reality technology on board of airplanes is a no-brainer. However, the aircraft environment is very delicate and requires a solution that ensures that:

  • Passengers movements are restricted
  • Immersed passengers can always be reached by the crew
  • Passengers are only consuming suitable content (avoid motion sickness)

We made it our mission bringing this unique technology on board of the aircraft as an entirely new way of inflight entertainment.


Meet the Inflight VR team!


We are working to serve all those passengers that very soon will be sitting on the airplane with a Virtual Reality headset strapped, to be immersed into a different reality forgetting that they are in the airplane. As challenging as it sounds, we are purpose-driven people making it happen, and we need your talent and willingness to work hard with us.

On board our team there will be people with passion for new technologies, and at the same time with the sensibility and empathy for the people that use them. The best candidate will then care about the needs of the passengers and will be determined to build a great product for them. Whether you aim to develop a gorgeous 3D environment or want to help growing the business, you need to see Inflight VR as the best travelling companion for thousands of people, and you will be a very important part of this journey.

Check the job openings and please do reach out if you want to join us but don’t see here below a position that matches your interests.

Institutional Investors

Motu Ventures

CBC Investment

Go Beyond

Selected Additional Investors


Stefan Lauer

Stefan Lauer served as an Executive Board Member of Lufthansa from 2000 till 2013. He held multiple Supervisory Board positions (e.g. for Fraport AG, Lufthansa Cargo AG) and he is currently the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Drägerwerk AG. In his role as an investor, Stefan Lauer advises the company on commercial aspects in the aviation sector.


Prof. Dr. J. Ringbeck

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ringbeck is a seed investor and board member of Inflight VR and serves as the company's advisor on strategy, airline industry related, and operational matters, due to his background as former Partner of McKinsey & Company and former Partner and Global Leader Travel & Logistics Practice of Booz & Company.


Prof. R. Rodenstock

Prof. Randolf Rodenstock is a seed investor of Inflight VR and serves as advisor on strategy and hardware-related issues, due to his background as former CEO of the optical lenses pioneering company Rodenstock. He brings in his experience and perspective from various advisory board positions that he has held.


Dr. Philipp Semmer

Dr. Philipp Semmer servers as the Chairman of the company's board. He is a Partner at Motu Ventures and previously worked as a Partner at Hogan Lovells. Dr. Philipp Semmer advises the company on fundraising and legal issues.


Heiko Rauch

Heiko Rauch is a Berlin-based entrepreneur and investor with an impressive track record. He co-founded Zanox, Europe's leading performance advertisment network, which he helped grow to over 400 employees and revenues over €300M. He also played a vital role during the exit of Zanox to Axel Springer, which marks one of the largest tech exits in German history. He advises Inflight VR on branding, scaling and organizational structuring.


Carles Florensa Torné

Carles Florensa Torné is one of the most successful and famous Business Angels in Spain. He launched several new companies in different industries and he has been recently nominated by the European Investment Fund as a partner for the European Angel Fund program. He advises Inflight VR on marketing related issues.

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